June 18 - 20, 2021

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Friday, Evening #1: A Roadtrip on the highway of taking chances

Foto_Stefan Schwitter

Stefan Schwitter

Loose yourself to find YOURSELF

Stefan is a world-travelled professional wrestler – well he used to be. Our image of wrestlers as always strong men is augmented by Stefan’s insights into a world that most of us only know from TV or glamourous events.
But its also a world of rare chances that one has to work hard for. Sacrifices come with a price and chances can easily be missed. He will show in his story why missing out on chances might not always be a bad thing and how to find your right path.
He’ll take the audience on a rollercoaster ride between fiction and reality and explains why he (almost) had to loose himself to find himself. You’ll learn how he discovered to use his missed chances and his way of life to built a successful health Start-Up company in which he is helping others to find their physical and mental strengths. And that’s important for all of us, even if we’re not professional wrestlers.

Gerhard Dust

A 10 year journey: From Natural Desaster via Affordable Housing to Circular Economy

Gerhard is a true entrepreneur. He had sold his company in 2008 and moved to Florida for a living. When the earthquake in Haiti happened in 2010, he saw how bad the situation was and decided that he wanted to help. It put him on a ten year journey in which he developed a polymeric concrete made out of desert sand and PET plastics, hard as granite and in the form of LEGO bricks. With his solution, houses could be built literally in one day. Innovation is the application of an invention, so Gerhard took his chance in Africa to create a local circular economy and empowered the people to take their chance.
In his talk he will take you on his extraordinary journey, in which his current achievements are just the beginning of the transformation of the construction industry.

Daniel Rintz

Coming full circle

Daniel Rintz circumnavigated the world on his motorcycle. His journey took several years, a lot of it spent on his bike, making money along the way. His trip was an answer to his desire to get away from his computer and the search for meaning in his life. The search for something outside of his comfort zone. To see how others embraced life, or faced death. From surviving mechanical breakdowns in war zones, to meeting the love of his life, Daniel’s perspective comes from the ups and downs of his extreme journey on two wheels. Sometimes it’s great to get an understanding of what coming full circle means from someone who has literally done just that. He will share his insights of what he learned about life and himself on the open road.

Saturday, Evening #2: The aha-moment of taking chances


Heike Schümann

Termination - Take The Opportunity And Keep On Going!

Heike faced the Terminator. Well, not the one from the movies, the real one. She faced it several times, like in the movies.  Termination is the process of a sudden ending of an employee contract in the business world and it’s the one thing that we all hope is not happening to us. Yet, in this times of substantial [digital] transformation in society and in companies, chances are that we might face a termination situation at some point.
Heike will share her insights on the different perspectives of a termination process and provide suggestions on how to cope with the situation in a human way. Termination might not be the end, but a new beginning, if you keep moving. Well, that’s similar to fighting the T-1000 from the movies.

Wolfgang Strassburger

Understanding your Digital Body Language

Wolfgang aims to make his vision of genuinely personal customer experiences delivered by businesses at scale a reality. He is anchoring that vision in actionable data, being the source and foundation of successful organizations in the future. What sounds like a call for collecting ever more data could not be further from the truth – not more but better data truly unlocks next-level customer experiences.
Wolfgang’s talk will focus on body language as a core feature of human communication that works fast, reliable, and unconscious. He will blur the lines between the physical and the digital world and ultimately explain how signals in the digital world – our digital body language – are equally impacting our lives.

Christoph Holz

Digital revolution is the revenge of the nerds

Christoph considered himself a nerd. He studied rocket and computer science, is a startup founder, Silicon Valley entrepreneur, university lecturer and a real cyborg. As a business angel, he invests in artificial intelligence, blockchain and co-living from Australia to Singapore. He is known to the public as a TV expert, e.g. on Sat1, Welt or N-TV.
During his inspiring talk with surprising anecdotes and humor he’s sharing three thought experiments on the chances of the current trans-formation with the audience before reflecting on whether the Digital Revolution really should be called a revolution. In his refreshing way of communicating his ideas to the audience, not every punch line is to be taken too seriously, while the underlying ideas provide profound insights. Well that’s the nerd in him.

Alexander und Thomas Huber

Exploring new horizons

Alexander & Thomas Huber are free rebels that are following uncertain ways to explore new horizons. They are known as the “Huber Brothers” (German: “Huberbuam”) and are professional climbers at world class level. Alexander & Thomas followed classical routes at important mountains on all continents and left their marks by exploring new routes that shifted the expectation what could be achieved in the world of climbing. In their inspiring talk they will explain what makes a route a “Huber Route” and how they took the chance of combining Alpinism with Sport Climbing to open up a whole new and unknown territory.
“Difficult climbing at high altitudes” is providing the chance to define and explore new horizons and the Huber Brothers will also draw relations from their climbing to creativity and art and to the aspect of exploring cultures that are connected to the mountains.
Taking chances also means to cope with fears, risks and anxiety and Alexander & Thomas will provide us with insights how they are dealing with it. Climbing as brothers is surely something special but it’s also important to follow individual goals, they say.

Sunday, Evening #3: The essence of taking chances

Sarah Doerler-sw

Sarah Dörler

Werde dein eigener CEO: Dein Chief Energy Officer

Sarah Irina Dörler is a young entrepreneur with a focus on sustainably managing one’s individual resources. As such she is empowering and inspiring people and organizations to create their own work lives full of energy.
Inspired by her own life story, she recognized that we often focus on external goals instead of pursuing a holistic approach. Such a limited and narrow use of resources is not sustainable in the long run, as Sarah had to experience for herself. Over time she identified three keys that help her to manage her resources differently – in a sustainable and effective way. This brought back her liveliness, happiness and foremost her power and health.
In her talk she is sharing her insights on how our strategic use of our individual power also helps to improve our workplace into a more collaborative, human power house.
Please note that this talk is been given in German Language.

Gemma de las Cuevas

How simplicity leads to universality

Gemma considers this talk the most complicated talk ever given since she’s taking her chances to explain the simple yet complicated concept of universality to a general audience. It’s puzzling that many systems in science, technology and beyond are using simple rules, yet show very complex behavior. She’s introducing the tools that help us recognize the beauty and the usefulness of universality that’s often caused by simplicity. In her talk Gemma’s bridging her research work to our everyday life in an intriguing way, and leaves us with two positive ideas to take our chances on the road to universality.

Michael Kohlegger

Going all-in on digital creation

Michael Kohlegger is lecturer and researcher in Data Science. In his research he focuses on the storage and analysis of data. In his teaching, Mike has been experimenting a lot with new media and e-learning – also in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. And he always goes “all in” no matter what’s the task at hand. Being an ultra-runner  (running 100km and more) in his spare time and a passionate educator in his professional life, he will talk about the challenges of becoming a digital creator. Mike will explain his vision on the chances, benefits and challenges of being a digital creator, while drawing parallels to ultra-running.  He’ll explain why a vision is key to be able go long distance – in running as well as in education. The race is on and we have to go “all in” to follow him in his talk, while he’s sketching new frontiers.
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Day 3: 20/06/2021 - Begin 08:00 PM CEST
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